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6 Things to Consider When Sourcing a Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer by Leo Eigenberg

A printed circuit board is a basic part of many electronic devices. The design of the boards can vary from the simple to detailed units to match the intended use.

Apple Mac Pro MD878LL/A Guide: An Expandable, Durable, and Powerful Computer With Dual AMD Graphics by George Botwin

Apple is the one brand that is consistent with its ability to put out high-quality computers. A lot of thought and planning is put into the design of any of its products, including the Apple Mac Pro MD878LL/A. Made in the US, the machine and its high-precision components are assembled by experts across multiple states.

Apple Mac Mini MGEN2LL/A - A Small, Inexpensive MAC That Delivers Just As Much As Larger Computers by George Botwin

New to Macs? Or simply want to replace your current one? If you want to try one out but don't have a lot of money to spend on it, you might be interested in the new Apple Mac mini MGEN2LL/A. It is among the least inexpensive OS X computers, yet offers the same level of performance as Macs that cost a lot more.

4 Mesmerizing Examples of Technology by Rosina S Khan

Ever wondered what technology really is and how many forms it can take. In fact, this article cites some examples of technology so that you get a concrete idea.

Lenovo ThinkPad P50 Overview - A Powerful Multimedia Workstation With Amazing Display and More by George Botwin

When it comes to no-compromise performance for graphics-intensive tasks, running engineering software, and 4K video, a mobile workstation such as the Lenovo ThinkPad P50 is the way to go. It's a very nice looking laptop with its pitch-black rectangular chassis and splashes of bright-red with the status lights on the deck and lid and TrackPoint pointing stick. The plastic lid is glass-reinforced, and the base is constructed with magnesium/aluminum.

The 10 Proven Best Free Mobile Messaging Apps by Bob Tom

Developers the world over are constantly innovating. They design and develop messaging apps that let us stay connected conveniently to each other in this fast-paced modern world. Most of these apps require you to subscribe or pay to download and install.

Read Through Several Video Game Reviews To Pick The Best One by Marcus Fei

Are you afraid of getting your kid into the wrong influence of video games? Are you thinking of buying a new game and don't want to waste your time and money on the wrong one? Video game reviews will help you to understand the pros and cons of them, before buying for yourself or allowing your kids to play on it.

How To Register For Neem Trainees To Enhance Employability by Rosario Berry

The initiative aims to enhance employability through an objective of learn and earn. In order to become a NEEM trainee, a candidate should be either pursuing a diploma/ degree course or completed a diploma/ degree course or discontinued studies of diploma/degree course.

Boost Business Agility and Revenue Growth With Technology Outsourcing Solutions by Jai Mulani

IT requirement of present day companies are far ahead of just maintaining a call center. Technology outsourcing solutions and technical support services addresses each and every aspect related to IT of a company.

Appointment Scheduling Software for Big and Small Businesses by Stephen C Campbell

The use of appointment scheduling software platforms for both big and small businesses are a vital component in the business operations; the increasing utilisation of these systems into the business have been seen to have a major impact on revenue generation, employee down time as well as customer satisfaction. Online booking systems & appointment software works from two perspectives one is from that of the client and the other is from the company that is delivering the products or services viewpoint. Online Scheduling Software & Booking Software From The Customer's Point Of View: At some...

Using Images To Increase Website Traffic by Peter Mangini

There are many reasons for using images within each article or page on your website. Images will help to deliver the message that you're writing about, and they also help to sell the article content. Using relevant images within your website articles is great for your SEO and they break up the text of the post so that the eyes of your readers can get a rest from the text on each page. Where can I find free images to use on my website is a common question and an important topic for every site owner as many quality images are needed for websites that have many pages and posts.

Custom Software Development, Do I Need It? by Marta Kali

A simple guide how to choose a custom software development company. What to look for, what to avoid.

Impact Of Technological Advancements In The Healthcare Industry by Anubhuti Shrivastava

The healthcare industry has drastically transformed because of software advancements. The Healthcare software development has successfully added a new dimension to the medical sector. The dynamics of the industry have totally changed with the growth of customized software solutions for caregivers as well as common people. In this article six of the most impressive technological advancements made in the medial domain in the last few years are discussed in detail.

The Digital Side of Death by Simon Kravis

So many aspects of our lives are now conducted via personal computers that a bereavement can throw up unexpected IT problems in doing everything that's necessary in these difficult circumstances. This article tells you what they might be and how to avoid them.

Protect Your Brand Before It's Too Late by Madhavi Nagargoje

Establishing a brand name is pivotal to enterprise fulfillment. Protecting that logo is equally critical. Yet many small corporations forget about an essential first step in securing their brand: Trademark.

Internet Security Threats To Watch For in 2018 by Abdul Ghaffar Bantva

Usually, the start of New Year marks the beginning of creating something more innovative than the previous one. Likewise, this phenomena is also observed in the field of Information Technology which tries its best and proficient endeavours to bring revolution every now and then for outstanding results. However, there is always a surprise of danger lurking behind every corner of our network systems. These perils are named as cyber threats or cyber criminal activities which not only destroy our web development but also cross the line of decency and basic moral codes. Clearly, the brighter the technology flourishes, the more advanced internet threats are becoming for developers, entrepreneur and social media users to deal with. Therefore, enlisting the most fatalistic web attacks of 2018 are as APT, Weaponized Artificial intelligence, Phishing, Mobile Malware and IoT Botnets.

Dynamics NAV Is a Fully Integrated ERP Solution That Bridges the Gap Between You & Your Partners by Rajender Anumula

Dynamics NAV is an upgraded version of fully meshed ERP solution through which a company integrates and segregates various internal operations of its Business. Usually, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system manages to connect company's internal nodes of operations such as planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance and human resources.

Why Rendering Is Important For Retail Design by Kuldeep Bwail

Intense competition in the retail industry drives increased levels of performance across the board, and a key impetus to success in this industry is the visual appeal and functionality of retail outlets. Detailed and attractive 3D rendered images, or computer-generated images (CGI), especially those created with the help of Building Information Modelling (BIM) can have a noticeable impact on clients, sales and marketing. Retail design drawings that achieve impressive photo-realistic views and effective 3D rendering services can help drive profits while saving costs.

ERP for Automobile Manufacturing? Know The Basic Features by Rob Stephen

While large automobile companies are dominating the industry and stand to be the real players with a common goal, i.e. streamlined operations, this article throws some light on how ERP software can help small-scale manufacturing units too to realize the same. Read the article to know the must-have features in an ERP for small manufacturing units and how it helps them maximise efficiency in operations


5 Important Facts That You Should Know About IoT Training by Anjali Sharma

Overview - If you wish to upgrade your professional skills in technology, then you may consider online or offline training process and certification to enable you to do business with the Internet of Things. IoT primarily focuses on physical devices networks, homes, vehicles and other items that are embedded in software sensors, electronics, connectivity, and actuators. Everything in an Internet of Things must have the ability to connect with other objects and also exchange data.

Five Top Technological Trends Used in Vending Machines in 2018 by Basil Hourmouzis

The introduction of newer technology is changing the face of vending machine industries like the others. This industry is following a smart concept.

Professional Dealing With Illegal Electronic Surveillance by Tomas Zilinskas

Not so long ago surveillance has been considered a government or spy agency priority. However a lot has changed. The rapid research and development in information technologies and electronic devices, along with their shrinkage in size has made surveillance obtainable to each of us. All you have to do is Google for GSM tracker, spy camera, hidden voice recorder. Don't be surprised to see hundreds of thousands or even millions of espionage gear offers. And it only depends on the commitment and financial constraints for one to start secret surveillance. Thanks to the Chinese manufacturers tiny cameras, microphones and other tracking devices have become easily obtainable at a ridiculous price. The statistics of such equipment sales shows that many people are taking advantage of this hassle free access to modern eavesdropping technologies. The temptation to spy on the surrounding comes not only to perverted maniacs. This article focuses on surveillance carried in interest of businesses, politicians and simple ordinary (or not so ordinary) people


Smart Tips For Filing Your Tax Return by Patrick Redo

Have you filed your taxes? Are you a first time filer? Research shows that 25% of all first time taxpayers wait until the last two weeks to file their taxes. If this describes you, then these helpful tips will help you get your taxes files correctly and on time.

Point of Sale Software by Priyanga A

The cash register is invented, sold, and developed. The first cash register was the brainchild of James Ritty, a "dealer of pure whiskies, fine wines and cigars". Ritty was running a successful saloon but had one major problem: he was getting ripped off by some of his employees.

The Present and Future of Radiotherapy by Jagrati Mehndiratta

The radiotherapy market is growing due to several factors, such as an increase in the number of new cancer cases and technological advancement in the hardware and software used in radiotherapy. The current international markets are underequipped to address new cases of cancer. In low- and middle-income countries, only 10% of the population has access to radiotherapy.

Precursors Biohackers - Mr Gregor Mendel and Mr Robert Koch by Edilson Gomes De Lima

Certainly, there will be people who dispute the idea of considering these two geniuses and current giants of science as ancient biohackers. However, when studying the techniques, methods, concepts, logic and methodologies for the performance of modern biohacking, it does not differ much from the initial action of these giants of science. Therefore, we can at least say that these are concrete models to the biohacking movement. The DIY and handmade technique is common in many segments, including for biology, to which many researchers and amateurs have made random discoveries and through logical methods of research.

Automation of Industrial Processes by Basharat Khadim

One of the main challenges of the implementation of automated systems in industries is to balance the work done by computerized equipment and robots with the work performed by the operators. While technology helps to optimize processes and limits human intervention, it does not replace it completely. The error is to associate industrial automation with unemployment since human presence is necessary for the management, supervision and control of complex production processes.

How Will Robotic Process Automation Change Outsourcing Forever? by Derek Porter

There is no doubt that in recent years technology advancement in industry has increased exponentially, but so has customer expectations. These days customers expect to have their questions answered and needs met nearly instantaneously, putting an added burden on companies to keep up with consumer demand while somehow maintaining cost of doing business at a reasonable level. Businesses must evolve to survive in the current climate and Robotic Process Automation may be the catalyst needed for companies to take the next leap forward.

What Are The Best Virtual Assistant Tasks That You Can Do? by Nancy Bohol

There are a lot of fields where a virtual assistant may focus on, from administrative, creative, technical specialized areas, and so we explore more details about these here. Listed below are some of the best virtual assistant tasks done today, mainly centered on those that can be commonly done by newcomers in the online working community.

Proximity Attendance Systems - Alternative for Biometric Attendance by Sharon Grogan

In order to welcome a Fingerprint Attendance Machine in your organization, indulge in proximity attendance systems is a great idea. It is an ideal software used for tracking the employee time and attendance. What is Proximity Attendance Systems? A Proximity Attendance System is a biometric access control system having a tiny data chip. When the badge is handed near the sensor to a like-minded proximity terminal, the terminal can retrieve the data on the chip. As with a barcode, the gadget makes use of that facts to perceive which worker is clocking in or out.

How Penetration Testing Benefiting the IT Firms by Archana Yadav

One of the greatest difficulties in IT security is deciding if the penetration testing tools and designs you have set up are giving your association the level of security you require. Relying on the major rule that prevention is better than cure, it is basically a data confirmation movement to decide whether the data is suitably secured. Before knowing its benefits let us first understand what exactly Penetration Testing means.

Why I Love Technology by Robin Henry

While some people shun rampant technology, others find it interesting and useful. I was always impressed with what could be achieved with technology and this is an overview of how I moved from computers to SMART phones and watches.

Need Advice About Business Expense Management Software? Ask The Coffee Machine bySunita Nigam

Back in the day, when someone was called smart it was probably because they were clean, tidy and well dressed. These days an alternative definition about technology has gained traction. It's about the Internet of Things - and you should be using it to maximise your business expense management.

Data Recovery: How to Recover From a Hard Drive Failure by Loveleen Talwar

Context: Unfortunately, most home users, and many business users, do not back up their systems. Moreover, many small businesses have older back-up procedures that are often ineffective for recovering files. Of course, you can run down to your neighborhood electronics store and purchase a replacement drive for your computer, but what about your data on the failed hard drive?

Blockchained Web Hosting by Artur Radosz

How does Blockchain technology fits into the architecture of modern web hosting solutions? What advantages you can have providing Blockchain to the customers of your web hosting solution?

How Much Training Is Required to Become Certified? by Diahann Viada

.Amazingly there is a market for eBike service certification training. Now that these bikes are becoming more complex that is a need to have a certified technician be able to diagnose and repair issues.

A Guide to Your Loan Management Software by Gowtham Senthilkumar

Looking for Loan Management Software (LMS)? Here are three things to focus on when selecting one for your business: 1. How much are you willing to pay? 2. Why does your business need a Loan Management Software? 3. What features does your business require in a Loan Management Software? To help you answer these questions, here is our guide on how to choose the right Loan Management Software for your business.

10 Effective Ways to Keep Personal Data Safe From Peepers by Reaz Uddin

In this present world, the internet is fastened in many people's lives. The Internet has changed our lives, everyday communication. And we know that it is a great source and a place full of fantastic and useful information. The Internet provides us a means of services and information. Now many activities in our daily lives depend on the Internet, including various forms of shopping, communication, entertainment financial services, and many others. But you have to know that it is also a source of many threats, risks, and hazards. You just think about all information you send over the Internet, like bank account information, personal messages, photographs, your card details etc. As a general internet user, you have the expectation that your transactions and communication secure and private. Though there is no comprehensive solution because we are wrapping with internet and tech devices but there is a thing you can do make your communication less insecure. Here are best 10 ways you have to consider.

Integrated Electronic Medical Record: One Software, Numerous Benefits by Mithlesh Kumar

Prescription Pad is a clinic management softwrae provides all types of facilities for hospitals & doctors. The best part of the software is Prescription writing facilities for doctors & drug & brand interaction checker tool.

Application Used for the Fastest Growing Sector - Insurance by Bharani Kumar

The discussion is about an extraordinary program used in the insurance sector for better management of data and work. With technology, the industrial job has been revolutionized.

Discussing Some Features of Signature Software by Dan Andrew

Online signature software comes with many features that helps organizations with gathering signatures online and not having to waste time and money working with paper. In this post, we will talk about some of the features and benefits of using the software. Easy to integrate Signatures by themselves are not the most important thing - what the signature is required for, is more important.

Enterprise-Class Storage Does Not Have to Bust the Budget by Paul Weber

Consumer-grade storage may provide plug-and-play simplicity, but with none of the scalability, capacity or optimization features of a business-grade solution. Enterprise-class storage solution with TrueNAS storage appliances that delivers 20TB of hybrid file and block storage for under $10,000 and designed for smaller organizations that need reliable, enterprise-class storage.

Vision Therapy: A Ray of New Hope by Aman Tumukur Khanna

Vision therapy is a physical therapy that is used for the betterment of your eyes and brain. This therapy does not involve any surgery and has helped patients, children in particular, for viewing problems like crossed eyes, lazy eye, convergence insufficiency, double vision, learning and reading issues. In fact, patients who had given up hope of any improvement have gotten 100% results from this therapy.

Best Audiobook Creation Tips From Professionals by Erwin Cooper

Audiobooks help us learn things better. This article compiles the best audiobook creation tips from professionals.

Understanding Your Laptop by Angel M Santos

A few tips for the newbie Laptop user. How to make sure you are treating your product right and how to have a smooth transition. Making the most out of your electronic investment.

The Heart of Your Computer by Tony A Grayson

Spend some time to learn how your computer works. When you understand its functions, you can advance your knowledge on how to protect it, as well as how to get better value from it as you use it effectively.

Is Internet Marketing Truly Passive Income? by James Savage


nternet marketing can be passive income if you utilize the strategy with the least work. How to decide which internet marketing business is right for you.

The Key to A Successful Online Business Is in the List by David Neumann

The importance of List Building for online businesses can never be overemphasized! This article will discuss not only the benefits of building a mailing list, but will also explain why having your own mailing list is essential to any successful online business.

Who Needs the Cloud Technology in 2018 by Venkateshan Chandramouli

The cloud technology has evolved from its initial stages of data storage into high speed computing, in depth analysis, design creation, real time reporting, Info-graphics generation, and E.R.P solutions. The global S.M.E is the key area on which the service providers would like to focus in 2018.

What Is Bitcoin and the Blockchain and Why It Is Important to Invest Now by Audrey M

Bitcoin and blockchain technology is quickly becoming a big player in global finances, making everyday people wealthy. It is important to know about this.

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